Viral Video: Women banned from wearing make-up while traveling in train, video goes viral

Ban on Makeup in Train: A promotional video by a state-owned railway in China has recently become a point of debate as it appears to ask women to avoid applying makeup while traveling on a train. Has been asked for, which has now drawn a sharp reaction from the people and has sparked a debate about sexism. 

On Saturday (September 16), a video clip of China Railways went viral on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo, which has been searched most times by people. This has become a subject of debate.

What is shown in the video?
This video was released in July. The video shows a stylishly dressed woman sitting in the cabin of a high-speed inter-city train preparing to apply lotion and foundation when a man sitting next to her stops her and taps her shoulder.

After this, the man’s face is seen covered with the woman’s foundation in the clip. Then he says to the woman, "I don’t need to wear makeup." After this the woman apologizes to the man and helps him clean his face. 

Controversy over video clip 
This video clip of about one minute has given rise to controversy, which is not stopping now. By Saturday, the hashtag associated with it had received 340 million views and 20,000 comments. Many citizens have also criticized the video, calling it objectionable. Expressing his reaction, a Weibo user asked, will the next step include a permanent ban on women in trains?

CNN has contacted China Railways for comment on the video. However, Chinese officials have tried to defend the advertisement. A comment published in Nanfang Daily claimed that the publisher of the video was not asking people not to wear makeup on the train, but was instead talking about traveling well and considering the feelings of other passengers. p>

While responding to the inquiries of the local press, the employees of China Railway’s customer service hotline said that no restrictions have been imposed on applying make-up in trains. 

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