US Doctor Kidney Implant: Doctors in America did amazing, implanted pig’s kidney in brain dead person

US Doctor Implant Pig Kidney: In today’s time man is touching the heights of success in every field. Whether it is about the field of science or medical. NYC Langone Health, located in New York, USA, announced on Wednesday (August 16) that doctors successfully transplanted a pig’s kidney into a patient. However, the person was declared brain dead.

According to the report of ABC News, the doctors also said that this would help in doing more animal-human transplants in the future. NYC Langone Health informed through a press release that surgeons transplanted a pig’s kidney into a brain dead person’s body. The brain dead person was put on ventilator. The best thing was that the kidney inside the brain dead person was working well even after 32 days.

Hospital doctor gave statement
Let us tell you that on July 14 last month in the person’s body Robert, Professor Chairman of the Department of Surgery at NYC Langone Health Center and Director of NYC Langone Health Transplant Institute led by Montgomery. Robert Montgomery said that the kidney has been working properly for a month and its function is being monitored for a total of two months.

Dr. Montgomery said during a press conference, "No negative evidence was found in one month’s kidney biopsy and kidney testing. The pig kidney is performing all the important functions that a human kidney does.

Prevention of immune system damage
NYC Langone Health’s transplant surgeon, Dr. Adam Griesemer, explained that the thymus, embedded under the outer layer of the kidney, was also implanted. With its help, it protects the transplanted kidney from damage caused by the human immune system. The surgeon said that the thymus gland is a tissue in our neck and chest that helps our immune system recognize proteins.

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