Singapore Indian-Origin Jail: This person of Indian origin was jailed for coughing in Singapore, know the reason

Singapore Indian-Origin Jail: In Singapore, Tamilselvam Ramaiah, a 64-year-old man of Indian origin, was jailed for deliberately coughing on his colleagues. He did not wear a mask after leaving the house in the year 2021. Because of this he was also accused of violating Covid-19 rules. In this case, he was sentenced to 2 weeks in jail on Monday (18 September).

According to the report of Singapore’s news channel The Asia, two other charges against him were also considered during the hearing in the court. It was told before the court that at the time he coughed on his colleague, he was working as a cleaning worker for Leong Hup.
After the Covid report came out Later incident
Tamilselvam Ramaiah arrived for work at Senoko Way at 6 am on 18 October 2021. At that time he informed his assistant logistics manager that he was not feeling well. After this he was asked to undergo Covid test. The Covid test report came back positive. After the Covid report came, he was instructed to inform the manager before returning home.

However, when the Assistant Logistics Manager came to know about Tamilselvam’s Covid report through someone else, he informed his other colleagues about it. Whereas Tamilselvam did not go home immediately. Instead, he went to the company’s logistics office to inform the Assistant Logistics Manager about his COVID-19 report.

Jail up to 6 months and fine of Rs 6 lakh 
During the investigation, Tamilselvam said that he had coughed on his colleagues as a joke. He did not take his Covid positive report seriously and visited the polyclinic to confirm whether he was infected with COVID-19. On this the court said that this is no laughing matter. Tamilselvam also made fun of the instructions to leave the office.

He acted at a time when COVID-19 cases were increasing in Singapore. Let us tell you that there is a jail term of up to 6 months and a fine of Rs 6 lakh for violating the COVID-19 Act in Singapore.

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