Saudi Arabia Watch: 90-year-old man married for the fifth time, said- My children also have children but I want to have more .. Video viral

Saudi Arabia Old Man: Nasser bin Dahaim bin Wahak Al Murshidi Al Otaibi, a 90-year-old living in Saudi Arabia, has become a topic of discussion. The reason behind this is his fifth marriage. They recently celebrated their fifth wedding in Afiq province of Saudi. One of his videos is also quite viral on social media, in which he is seen expressing the happiness of marriage.

In the viral video, the grandson of Nasir bin Dahaim is congratulating him for his marriage. During this, the grandson says that I wish my grandfather a happy married life. While giving an interview to Arabia TV in Saudi Arabia, the old man shared the motive behind the marriage. He cited the importance of marriage in upholding the tenets of Islam and promoting companionship.

‘I want to marry again’
Nasser bin Dahaim laughingly said in the interview that I want to marry again. It brings comfort, worldly pleasures and that is the secret of my good health. I urge those youths who shy away from getting married, to get married.

Trespassing. "the month of honey"

— العربية السعودية (@AlArabiya_KSA) July 12, 2023

Al Otaibi did not hesitate to express the benefits of marriage and the joy it brings, regardless of age. He said that I am happy about my honeymoon. Marriage is a means of physical pleasure and old age does not prevent marriage.
Al Murshidi Al Otaibi is the father of 5 children
90 living in Saudi Arabia Sal Nasser bin Dahim bin Wahak Al Murshidi Al Otaibi is the father of 5 children, one of whom has died. He also talked about his family during the interview and said "My kids have kids now. i still want to have other kids".

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