Saudi Arabia and Israel Crisis: Why did the Saudi government disappear Israel from the new map and gave place to Palestine?

Israel and Saudi Arabia Relation:  Despite America’s mediation, relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia do not seem to be back on track. Tension between the two countries is continuously increasing. What Saudi Arabia has done recently may worsen relations further.

Recently Saudi Arabia has removed Israel from its map. Palestine has been shown in its place. Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information released this map. He requested the media to use this map.

America will try further

At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, while talking to the podcast Pod Save the World on Thursday, said that efforts will continue in the future regarding the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia has told the Biden administration that any normalization agreement with Israel requires resolving Palestinian issues.

America can make a big agreement soon

Let us tell you that America has been working on normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel for a long time. He is mediating in this matter and soon there was talk of making a big security agreement between the two countries. However, there are many obstacles in such agreements and in the current circumstances, it seems difficult to implement them.

That’s why both came to the negotiating table

According to many media reports, recently Saudi Arabia had agreed to recognize Israel under the mediation of America. In return, Saudi Arabia had asked for a guarantee from the Biden government to move forward on the American-made state-of-the-art weapons and civilian nuclear program. Apart from this, there was also a condition for domestic uranium enrichment. At the same time, Israel is ready because in this agreement it will benefit greatly in trade and defense cooperation with this Gulf country.

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