Pakistani On India Development: ‘India is going ahead of us, that’s why we love…’ Pakistani man said such a thing for India, you should also listen

Pakistani On Development of India: India and Pakistan got independence together in the year 1947. Although the situation of both the countries is different in many ways after 75 years of independence. On one hand India is touching the heights of success day by day. On the other hand, the condition of Pakistan is very bad. Recently, YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary of Pakistan wanted to go among the public and take opinion about the current situation of India and Pakistan.

A Pakistani man told YouTuber that I like India, because it is going far ahead of us. I am in love with India. He said that whenever I praise India in front of people here, people call me a traitor. People tell me to go to India.

‘India has gone 100 years ahead of us’
A Pakistani man named Dawood Ibrahim said that India and Pakistan got independence at the same time. Today we are far behind and India has gone 100 years ahead of us.

He said that I have met Muslims living in Indian Kashmir in Saudi Arabia. They say that the Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi is good. We do not face any problem in India.

Economic crisis in Pakistan
At present, economic crisis is going on in Pakistan. On the other hand, India is creating new records every day. The condition of the economic condition of Pakistan is such that the people of the country have to struggle hard even for everyday things. The government is constantly asking for loans from neighboring countries. Recently China and Saudi Arabia have also provided loans to Pakistan.

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