Pakistani On Govt Policy: ‘Our country’s leaders are foreign agents’, Pakistani man raised questions on his government’s policy, know the whole thing

Pakistani On Govt Policy: The public has been troubled due to the deteriorating economic conditions of Pakistan. She completely blames the government for the delicate situation in the country. He says that whatever is the condition of our country today, our politicians have a hand behind it. Recently Pakistani YouTuber wanted to go among the public and take feedback about the current condition of the country. On this a Pakistani person said that the policy of the government of our country is very bad.

The Pakistani person said that not a single person in the government of our country is loyal to the people. They are all foreign agents. They work according to the sayings of all other countries. The destruction of our country started from the time of Quaid-e-Azam (Mohammed Ali Jinnah), when the army chief refused to obey him. On the other hand, the people sitting in the government of India always think about running the country and the leaders of our country are determined to destroy the country.

‘All these people are intelligence traitors’
The Pakistani man said that the people living here are behind the bad conditions of our country. The people of our country want to stay where they are stuck. The situation in Pakistan is such that even a peon’s job requires a recommendation.

The people sitting here at the place of employment are unfit. They should not do government work. All of them do corruption. All these people are intelligence traitors. We should find such people and throw them out.

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