Pakistani Expert Sajid Tarar: Pakistani expert showed the mirror to Pakistan, said- from whom you are running projects in London by taking money, now that country is yours…’

Pakistani Expert Sajid Tarar: Recently on 15 July the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi went on a tour of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Where India and UAE together warned Pakistan in strong words about spreading terrorism across the border. Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Chaudhary spoke to Pakistani-American politician and businessman Sajid Tarar on this issue.

Pakistani expert Sajid Tarar said on the statement given by UAE and India citing terror to Pakistan that India has played a smart move with UAE. He said that it is not a joke to come out with a statement against Pakistan regarding terrorism from the UAE. With whose money you were running projects in London and Dubai, now that country is telling you that they will not tolerate it anymore.

Pakistani expert expressed concern
On UAE’s warning to Pakistan on the issue of terrorism more than India, Pakistani expert expressed concern that the country which gives you loan, the same country India is getting K’s investment in Kashmir. In this way India is putting pressure on Pakistan, the result of which is that today UAE has warned Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. Sajid Tarar also emphasized that 7 Islamic countries of the world have honored Narendra Modi with high civilian award.

Said during the meeting in Abu Dhabi
In a joint statement issued after the meeting of PM Narendra Modi with the President of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi Both countries reaffirmed their joint commitment to fight against extremism and terrorism, including cross-border terrorism in all its forms, at the regional and international levels. He spoke in strong words about curbing cross border terrorism without naming Pakistan.

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