Pakistan Rupee To Dollar: Dollar reached a record level against Pakistani rupee, know how much it cost, understand what will be the effect

Pakistan Rupee To Dollar: At present the economic condition of Pakistan is bad. The country is looking weak on every front. The government of Pakistan is constantly trying to handle the situation in the country in any way. However, till now no such results have come out, on the basis of which it can be said that the situation has improved. Amidst all this, the condition of Pakistani rupee is also getting weaker day by day. Today i.e. on Tuesday (August 29), there has been a huge fall in the dollar rate in the Pakistani market.

According to the Pakistani news website Sama TV, during the last two weeks, the dollar has increased by Rs 20 against the Pakistani rupee. Let us tell you that ever since the economic situation in Pakistan started deteriorating, since then there has been a huge difference in the dollar rate against the rupee. Right now the price of 1 dollar in Pakistan has reached a record level of Rs 316.

Impact on Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves
Pakistani business has reached a record high in both interbank and open markets on the second day of the week. In the open market of Pakistan, the price of 1 dollar remains at the historical level of 316 rupees. Now the question is, what can be the impact of the increase in dollar prices on Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves?

Let us tell you that dollar is a foreign currency, which is used in import and export in the international market. On the other hand, if the price of dollar increases in a country, then that country has to spend more money from its foreign exchange reserves than before.

Many countries have given loans
According to Bloomberg’s report, after getting loan from IMF in the month of July, its foreign exchange reserves have reached the highest level in the last 9 months. During this period, apart from IMF, UAE and Saudi Arabia also gave loans, due to which Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves increased from $ 3 billion to $ 8.76 billion. Last month alone, Pakistan received a total aid of $4.2 billion.

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