Pakistan On Mohammad Shami: ‘India knows that a poor person…’ Pakistanis said on the announcement of building a stadium in the name of Mohammad Shami

Pakistan Public Reaction on Mohammed Shami: Recently the cricket world tournament ended, in which Australia became the world champion by defeating India in the final. India performed brilliantly in this tournament, in which Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami performed very well. He took maximum 24 wickets in the tournament. On the basis of this performance, CM of UP Yogi Adityanath has announced to build a mini stadium in his city. In this context, Pakistani female YouTuber Sana Amjad took reaction from the public. On this, the people first praised the Government of India.

Praising India among the Pakistani people, he said that India is a country which knows how to uplift any poor or lower class person and make him a star. The person said that if any person in India belongs to any field, everyone gets a lot of help. They get ample opportunities to showcase their talent.

People from every section of the society get help in India
Pakistani people praised India for helping people from every section of the society to move ahead. The Pakistani man said that he has got the result for the way Mohammed Shami has performed. Praised for building a stadium in Shami’s name. He said that India helps people of every religion to progress. Even if he is a Muslim

Talk on Muslims of India
Pakistani YouTuber, quoting Muslims living in India, questioned whether the condition of Muslims in India is good. On this the person said that as far as I think everyone lives well in India. Yes, there are some people who talk about Hindus and Muslims. Talking about RSS, the person said that the people of this organization work to spread hatred against Muslims. Apart from this, everything is correct there. Another Pakistani person said that if the condition of Muslims in India was so bad, would Mohammed Shami have got a chance.

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