Pakistan On Jammu Kashmir: Miss World program was organized in Srinagar, then Pakistan felt chilly, spewed poison about India

Pakistan On Jammu Kashmir: Pakistan has always been irritated by India’s progress. Be it in any field. Although, both the countries got independence at the same time, but compared to today’s time, Pakistan is many miles behind India. The biggest reason for this is that on one hand India paid attention to progress, while on the other hand Pakistan always considered terror as its friend. Meanwhile, Pakistan has spewed venom regarding the Miss World contest to be held in Srinagar, India.

This thing said on Jammu and Kashmir
Mumtaz Zahra Baloch of Pakistan said that India is trying to show that the territories occupied by India are legitimate by organizing events like Miss World. They cannot try to suppress the true feeling of Kashmiris. He also described Jammu and Kashmir as the most militarized area in the world. That is, the guard of soldiers in this area is very high. Apart from this, the Pakistani spokesperson also spewed venom on the condition of minorities in India. He said that there has been a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes in India.

Pakistan has said on Jammu and Kashmir earlier too
This is not the first time that Pakistan has spewed venom regarding any international program to be held in Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier, India was also targeted regarding the G20 meeting. He had said that India is organizing the G20 meeting to show the false status of Jammu and Kashmir in front of the world. Pakistan had protested about this. Many other countries also joined his side. These included China and Saudi Arabia. These two countries did not send any of their officials or leaders to attend the G20 meeting.

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