Pakistan Nuclear Weapon: Pakistan is continuously increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons, where it keeps it has also been revealed, a big threat to the world.

Pakistan Nuclear Weapon: Pakistan has a stockpile of about 170 nuclear weapons which can increase to about 200 by 2025 according to the current growth rate. America’s top nuclear scientists have made this claim. The column Nuclear Notebook published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on September 11 states, ‘‘We estimate that Pakistan has a stockpile of about 170 nuclear weapons. 

According to PTI report, the US Defense Intelligence Agency had estimated in 1999 that Pakistan would have 60 to 80 nuclear weapons by 2020, but since then many new weapon systems have been deployed and developed, which has increased the estimate.’ ’

Information about Pakistani nuclear arsenal
American scientists said, ‘‘Our assessment is full of uncertainty because neither Pakistan nor other countries have information about Pakistani nuclear arsenal. Publish more information.’’ He said that we estimate that the country’s reserves can reach around 200 in the years after 2020 at the current growth rate.’’

He said, ‘‘But unless India expands its arsenal or builds up conventional forces, it seems reasonable to expect that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal will not continue to grow indefinitely but rather its existing weapons programs will remain intact. After this it may start to reduce.’’

Pakistani Nuclear Weapon Location
According to the American report, the nuclear weapon location with Pakistan is Masroor Air Base located in Karachi. There are 3 squadrons of Mirage present in this airbase. There is a nuclear weapon warehouse in the west-north area, 5 km away from here. Apart from Masroor Airbase, Pakistan also keeps nuclear weapons in Minhas Kamra Airbase and Shahbaz Airbase.

(Image Source-Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Apart from nuclear weapons, Pakistan also has 6 types of killer missiles, which have the capability to fire nuclear weapons. Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen and Nasr are short-range missiles and Ghauri and Shaheen 2 have the capability to hit medium ranges. According to a report, currently Pakistan is working on two more missiles capable of dropping nuclear bombs.

Missile bases near Pakistan
Analysis of satellite imagery shows that Pakistan has at least five missile bases which can play a role in Pakistan’s nuclear forces. However, a significant challenge is to distinguish between military installations designed primarily for conventional strike operations and those designed specifically for nuclear strike roles. 

Arko Garrison: Located about 145 km from the Indian border, Arko Garrison consists of SIC missile TEL garages, designed for at least 12 launchers. Satellite imager of the TEL garage complex shows an underground construction. The underground place consists of two cross-shaped sections, connected by a central corridor.

Gujranwala Garrison: Gujranwala Garrison is one of the largest military complexes in Pakistan. It is situated at a distance of about 60 kilometers from the Indian border.

Khuzdar Garrison: Khuzdar Garrison is located farthest from the Indian border. Three additional TEL garages were added in the southern part of Khuzdar Garrison in late 2017. After this the total number of TELs became six.

Pano Aqeel Garrison:Pano Aqeel Garrison is located in the northern part of Sindh province at a distance of only 85 kilometers from the Indian border. This garrison potentially contained around 50 TEL. A large number of TELs including Babar and Shaheen-I missiles are visible at this post.

Sargodha Garrison:Sargodha Garrison, located in the Kirana Hills, was a site used by Pakistan for nuclear development from 1983 to 1990. 

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