Pakistan Martial law: Martial law will be imposed in Pakistan because of Seema Haider! Fear of communal violence is haunting PM Sharif

Pakistan Martial law: The situation in Pakistan is such that the Shehbaz Sharif government there has started to fear communal violence in the month of Muharram. Because of this, the Shahbaz government has handed over the responsibility of law and order to the army by using Article 245. The Pakistan Army has also started preparations for martial law in the country.

Article-245 has been implemented in Pakistan on the basis of issues like deteriorating law and order situation regarding Seema Haider and stopping communal violence in Muharram. Under Article-245 in Pakistan, army units have been deployed across the country.

Radicalists active regarding Seema Haider
One truth related to Pakistan is that the army runs more in the country than the government. For this reason, on the pretext of Muharram, the army has given indications of imposing martial law in Pakistan. Article 245 is an important provision in the Constitution of Pakistan. Under this, the federal government can entrust the responsibility of law and order to the army.

At this time there is a need to implement Article 245 in Pakistan because the situation in the country is rapidly deteriorating. Compared to earlier, the number of attacks by terrorist organizations has increased. The condition of Pakistan is also bad on the economic front. Even Seema Haider is fanatically active.

2023 January to June  There were 271 terrorist attacks
in Pakistan Imran Khan. Apart from this, terrorist incidents are increasing the trouble of Pakistan. According to statistics, the terrorists who have been nurtured by Pakistan are now shaking the foundation of Pakistan.

Year 2023 From January to June  there have been 271 terrorist attacks. 389 people have died in these attacks. The law and order in Pakistan has become beyond the capacity of the government to crack down on terrorist incidents. In such a situation, the government has handed over the command to the army.

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