Pakistan Beef Controversy: When the Pakistani team did not get beef to eat in India, the Pakistani YouTuber said – do a little thermos, mourn…

Pakistan Beef Controversy: Pakistani cricket team has reached India to play a tournament after 7 years. Before this, the last time Pakistani cricket team had come to India to play T20 World Cup was in the year 2016 and this time it has reached neighboring country India to play 50 over World Cup tournament. On reaching India after many years, the Pakistani cricket team was welcomed in a grand manner. However, this too was of little use to him as he became angry when beef was not served to him. After this the cricket team had to face a lot of criticism.

On the issue of Pakistani cricket team not getting beef, a Pakistani YouTuber Zayed Ali slammed his own team and slammed them. He said that ignorance has no limits. We should understand that in a country where beef cannot be fed, there should be no problem if it is not available. Pakistani cricket team should feel a little ashamed. Accept the grief of your conscience.

Pakistani people spoke harshly
On one hand, Pakistani cricket lovers are not tired of praising India for welcoming their team. On the other hand, Pakistani Cricket Board is not desisting from getting embroiled in controversies.

Recently, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Zaka Ashraf in a press conference addressed India as an enemy country. He said that we have given so much facilities and money to our players that they can go to the enemy country and play. Pakistani people have scolded their cricket board for this shameful act.

Demands of Pakistani cricketers
The food menu of Pakistani cricketers includes grilled lamb chops, mutton curry, the very popular Hyderabadi biryani, butter chicken and grilled fish. However, they will not be served beef. In fact, not just Pakistan, any team participating in this grand event will not be serving beef in their food menu.

According to a PTI report, the culinary team has asked for steamed basmati rice, spaghetti in the great Shane Warne’s favorite Bolognese sauce and vegetarian pulao in their menu to meet their carbohydrate intake.

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