Nuclear Weapon: Iran can make nuclear weapons in the next two weeks, America made a shocking claim

Iran: Iran can make nuclear weapons in the next two weeks. America has claimed this. According to America, Iran has enough material to develop nuclear weapons within two weeks. This shocking claim has been made by the US Defense Ministry in the Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Report 2023. 

According to the report, Iran has the necessary infrastructure and technical know-how to produce weapons in record time. Also, Iran is not giving information related to its nuclear program. Also, Iran’s uranium production is reaching the level of making nuclear weapons. In such a situation, Iran can make the material used in making nuclear weapons in a very short time. 

Can’t find correct information 

The report further says that Iran is not even giving permission to install cameras at many important places in the nuclear plants. Therefore, it is not possible to know what level of uranium purification he is doing. It is noteworthy that in May 2023, satellite images had revealed that Iran was making nuclear weapons under the mountains. 

Iran is digging in the mountains 

According to the report of news agency AP, some workers are seen digging tunnels in the mountains of Zagros in Iran. It is being claimed that this place is very close to Iran’s nuke site Natanz. The International Atomic Energy Agency, the organization that monitors nuclear weapons and nuclear programs in the world, has recently said that Iran has enriched uranium by 84%. In such a situation, it is slightly less than the 90% required to make an atomic bomb.

Iran has been wanting to become a nuclear power for 2 decades 

Let us tell you that Iran has been trying to become a nuclear power for more than two decades. However, western countries do not want Iran to be equipped with nuclear power. In such a situation, in the year 2015, Iran had made a deal with America, China, Germany, Britain, Russia and France. This agreement meant that Iran could not make nuclear weapons. But this agreement became ineffective after America came out of the agreement in 2018. After that, Iran started increasing its level of uranium purification and stopped providing information to the IAEA.

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