Not Trudeau, this woman is the real villain of the India-Canada dispute, the PM’s most important person, has accused India before too

Hardeep Singh Nijjar Murder Case: Tension between India and Canada has increased due to a statement by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in the Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar murder case. PM Trudeau had said in the Canadian Parliament on Monday that evidence has been found of India’s involvement in this murder. After this he expelled a top diplomat of India.

India rejected these Canadian allegations and retaliated by expelling a Canadian diplomat. After this, their relationship went to a lower level. Now the question arises who is responsible for this situation. Is Justin Trudeau the only villain or is there someone else behind the curtain? Here we will tell you from a woman who is considered responsible for this situation.

This woman is very special to Justin Trudeau

The name of the woman we are talking about is Jodi Thomas. Jodi’s stature in Canadian politics increased since 2015. In 2015, Trudeau became Prime Minister for the first time and following his father’s footsteps, he kept the Sikhs with him for his own benefit. He gave the responsibility to the then Deputy Minister of National Security Jody Thomas to keep the Sikhs connected to the party. After this, Jodie Thomas became the link between Justin Trudeau and Khalistani terrorists.

In this way Khalistanis were encouraged

When Jody Thomas was the Deputy Minister of National Security, she promoted the Khalistan movement across Canada. Not only this, he also gave security to these extremists. Pleased with Thomas’s work, Trudeau made him Canada’s National Security Advisor in 2017. Jody Thomas became more aggressive after becoming National Security Advisor. Now she started instigating the separatist Sikhs. In June this year, Jody Thomas accused India of interfering in Canadian affairs.

The name has been involved in many big controversies

How special Jodi Thomas is to Justin Trudeau can be gauged from the fact that she has been accused of serious corruption. Even after this she remains on her post. Jody Thomas is accused of illegally getting a big military contract for his son. This error occurred in 2021. It is said that Thomas had wrongly given the contract of a warship worth $77 billion to his son. Not only this, when this matter came to light, he also reprimanded the Canadian defense industry in 2021.

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