Nobel Prize: Physics winners will be announced today in Nobel Prize announcement, CV Raman has created history

Nobel Prize: The announcement of the winners of Nobel Prize 2023 has started. Today i.e. Tuesday is the second day of Nobel Prize announcement. Earlier on Monday, Caitlin Carico and Drew Weissman received the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Today i.e. on October 3, the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced. 

Let us tell you that Dr. CV Raman, born in Tamil Nadu, India, received the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1930. In fact, during a trip to Europe in the year 1921, after seeing the blue color of the glaciers and the Mediterranean Sea, he decided to find out why the water, which was colorless, appeared blue to the eye. He was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1954 for his contribution to science.

It is noteworthy that the Nobel Prize distribution will continue for a week. After the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Physics, the winners of Chemistry will be announced on Wednesday i.e. 4th October. Along with this, the prize in literature will be given on October 5. At the same time, the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on 6 October. After this, the winners in Economic Science will be announced on October 9.

Nobel Prize History 

The Nobel Prize is a prestigious award. This award was started by the Nobel Foundation in the year 1901. This award is given in memory of Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel. Those people are honored who have provided the greatest benefit to mankind during the last year. 

Who was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was a scientist who made many discoveries for the betterment of mankind. On November 27, 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament.  With this, he gave the largest part of his will to a series of awards, the Nobel Prize. Actually, his wish was that the interest on this money should be honored every year to those people whose work proves to be most beneficial for mankind. Nobel Prize is given in the fields of Physiology, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economic Sciences.

According to Alfred’s will, the Physics Nobel Prize should be given to the person who would have made the most important discovery or invention in the field of physics. Till now, a total of 116 Nobel Prizes have been given in Physics. 

Dr. Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman, who raised the prestige of India in the world, received the Physics Nobel Prize in 1930. He had proved that when a ray of light passes through a transparent object, a change in its wavelength is visible. He was given the Physics Nobel Prize for this invention.

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