Nobel Foundation: Nobel Foundation withdraws invitation to Russia, Belarus and Iran, know why sudden decision had to be taken

Nobel Foundation: The Nobel Foundation has withdrawn its invitation to representatives of Russia, Belarus and Iran to attend this year’s Nobel Prize ceremony after strong criticism. The Nobel Foundation took this decision on Saturday. In fact, a day earlier the Nobel Foundation had invited  Russia, Belarus and Iran to participate in the award ceremony. On which there was strong criticism. 

The foundation said that due to the protests and backlash in Sweden, it has been decided to withdraw the invitations sent to diplomats from these countries for the award ceremony.

Actually, after the announcement of inviting Russia, Belarus and Iran, many Swedish MPs had announced to boycott the Nobel Prize ceremony. On Friday, Swedish lawmakers said they would boycott this year’s Nobel Prize award ceremony in the capital Stockholm. 

Representatives of three countries were invited 

Belarusian opposition leader also raised voice 

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolaenko announced the decision "victory of humanism" told. With regard to the presence of the Russian and Belarusian ambassadors at the ceremonies in Norway following the ceremony in Sweden, he said "uniform decision" should be taken. 

Swedish Prime Minister reacts 

Let us tell you that earlier Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christerson had said that he would not allow three countries to participate in the award ceremony. He expressed happiness over this decision of the Nobel Foundation. He posted on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) that the many and strong reactions show that the whole of Sweden stands clearly on the side of Ukraine against Russia’s horrific war of aggression.&nbsp ;

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