NASA Report: Do aliens live in space? NASA’s shocking revelation in the report released on UFO

NASA UFOs Report: America’s space agency NASA has released its report based on UFOs on Thursday (September 14). This report has been released by NASA after studying UFO (Un-Identified Flying Object) for about a year. 

In this 33-page report of NASA, UFOs have been described as one of the biggest mysteries of our planet. Releasing this report, American Space Agency manager Bill Nelson said that he believes that there is life (aliens) in the universe other than Earth. 

What did NASA say in the report?

The space agency said that the study of UFOs or unidentified flying objects will require new scientific techniques, which will include advanced satellites as well as changes in the way UFOs are observed. Interestingly, this report comes just days after the alleged mummified bodies of aliens, which are believed to be 1,000 years old, were shown in the Mexican Parliament. 

NASA said there is no reason at this point to conclude that the current Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) reports have an extraterrestrial source. UAPs are commonly called UFOs. The report states that upcoming or existing NASA missions will try to detect alien technology in planetary atmospheres, on planetary surfaces, or in near-Earth space. 

Appointed a new director for research on UFOs

NASA also said that it is appointing a new director for research in UAP. Because an expert panel has urged the space agency to increase its efforts to collect information about them. NASA said there are so few high-quality observations of UFOs that no scientific conclusions can be drawn. 

Talk about the use of AI

The space agency said that currently we do not have the data necessary to draw definitive, scientific conclusions about UAPs. The report also says that AI and ML, combined with NASA’s extensive expertise, should be used to investigate the nature and origin of UAPs.

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