LATAM Airlines: After taking off, the pilot’s breath stopped in the air, there was a stir, know how the lives of 271 passengers were saved.

Pilot Dies In Flight: A commercial flight going from Miami to Chile’s capital Santiago created a stir when people found the pilot unconscious in the bathroom of the flight. A total of 271 passengers were on board the LATAM Airlines flight at the time of the accident. This incident happened 3 hours after take off. The plane made an emergency landing in Panama after the pilot collapsed in the bathroom. 

According to the report of New York Post, this incident is of last Sunday (August 13). When this flight of LATAM Airlines was being run by 56-year-old pilot Ivan Andaur. As soon as the flight landed at Tocumen International Airport, a team of 2 doctors and nurses tried to save them, but they could not be saved. In preliminary investigation, doctors found that the pilot died due to heart attack. 

Life was not saved even after medical emergency 

Pilot found unconscious in bathroom 

LATAM Airlines expressed grief over the death of the pilot and expressed condolences to his family. According to the report, a total of 271 passengers were accommodated in hotels in Panama City before the flight took off again. Following the accident, the flight left Panama City on Tuesday (August 15) and headed for Chile.

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