Kim Jong’s ‘generosity’! North Korea will release American soldier who infiltrated the border with weapons

North Korea: North Korea has decided to release the American soldier. KCNA state news agency gave this information on Wednesday (September 27). It is noteworthy that in July, an American soldier had entered the border of North Korea with weapons, about which many speculations were being made. 

North Korea’s state news agency said on Wednesday that authorities have completed the interrogation of captured American soldier Travis King. In such a situation, he will be released soon. However, the report does not mention when and where the American missile will be released.

Travis King made many revelations

According to the report, during interrogation, Travis King admitted that he entered North Korea illegally, but he also gave a specific reason behind it. In its report, the agency, citing the interrogating officers, said that the soldier was against inhuman mistreatment and racial discrimination within the army in America. In such a situation, he got fed up and defected. 

Because of this the American soldier infiltrated 

According to the report, during the investigation, Travis King confessed that he had illegally infiltrated the territory of the DPRK because he had strong feelings against the inhumane treatment and racial discrimination within the US military and about the unequal American society. He was disillusioned. 

Infiltration was done in July 

It is noteworthy that Travis King, posted in South Korea, had entered North Korea from a border village on July 18. This news created a stir amid the tension between America and North Korea. However, now North Korea has decided to release the American soldier. Let us tell you that Travis King has become the first American to be detained in North Korea in almost five years. 

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