Kim Jong Un: Russia gave such a gift to Kim Jong Un that America will lose sleep, know what gifts the North Korean dictator has returned with.

Kim Jong Un Return from Russia: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s Russia tour has ended. Kim Jong Un returned to his country on Monday after a 7-day visit to Russia. Kim Jong Un has not returned to the country empty handed. Apart from making many important deals with Russia, he also received many gifts from there while returning.

These gifts received from host Russia are being discussed a lot. In such a situation, everyone wants to know about them. Here we will tell you about the gifts that Kim Jong Un has brought with him.  

Putin gave a special rifle to Kim Jong Un

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Kim received a high-quality Russian-made rifle after the summit with Russian President Putin. In return, Kim gave Putin a rifle made by North Korean artisans.

Bulletproof jacket and spacesuit gloves found

Russia’s TASS news agency said that Putin has also gifted a glove from the spacesuit worn in space to Kim. Governor of Primorsky Territory Oleg Kozhemyako gifted Kim a modern bulletproof jacket. This bulletproof jacket protects the chest, shoulders, neck and waist.

Kim Jong Un also brought dangerous drones with him 

At the same time, Kozhemyoko has also given a set of drones to Kim. Talking about this drone, it not only attacks but also protects from enemies. It has been used extensively in the war against Ukraine. How dangerous it is can be gauged from the fact that it violates two resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. Kim receives a fur hat from Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Vladivostok. Kim began his visit with a stopover in the Russian border city of Khasan, where he was presented with a photograph of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human to orbit the Earth.

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