Justin Trudeau: Justin Trudeau’s double face, sympathy with Khalistanis, but silence on the killing of Baloch in Canada, has not yet opened his mouth on the killing of Karima Baloch.

Canada Latest News: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under attack from all sides because of one of his statements. People of his own country are now asking him many types of questions. One of these questions is related to the murder of Karima Baloch, a resident of Balochistan. Some people have asked Trudeau why the PM has maintained silence on the murder of Karima Baloch.

Trudeau has never said anything on who murdered Karima, how far the investigation has reached in this case, whereas only three months after the murder of Khalistani supporter Hardeep Singh Nijjar, PM Trudeau has accused India of having a hand in it. Expressed apprehension. While explaining this in Parliament on Monday, he also said that India’s top diplomat was also expelled.

Who killed Karima Baloch after all

37 year old human rights activist Karima Baloch was a resident of Balochistan province of Pakistan and was active for the independence of Balochistan. For this reason she lived in exile in Canada. In December 2020, Karima was murdered in Canada and her body was thrown on the banks of a river in Toronto. The mystery of his death has not been solved till date. Karima started living in Canada from 2016. She had mysteriously gone missing a few days before her death.

Trudeau did not say anything even after raising doubts

Karima’s husband Haider had told Toronto police that she could not commit suicide. He and other family members had expressed doubt on the Pakistan Army. Then her husband had said that Karima was receiving continuous threats from the Pakistan Army. He was followed. Despite the family raising doubts on Pakistan, PM Trudeau has not said anything on this issue till date.

Was included in the list of influential women

Kareema was very active for the independence of Balochistan. She was the first president of Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad). She continuously raised the atrocities of Pakistan Army on international forums. Karima was included by BBC in the list of 100 most inspirational and influential women of the year 2016.

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