Iran Bus Accident: A bus full of pilgrims met with an accident in Iran, 9 dead, 31 injured

Iran Bus Accident: A bus full of pilgrims collided with a truck on Monday (August 28) in Nassiriya city located in the southern part of Iran. A total of 9 people died in this accident and many were badly injured. 

According to Reuters report, the bus full of pilgrims was going towards the holy Shia Muslim city of Karbala. Citing sources, Reuters informed that about 31 people have been injured in the collision between the bus and the truck, out of which 5 are in critical condition.

The city of Karbala is the holiest place for Shia Muslims
The city where the bus accident happened while going to the holy place in Iran was Karbala. According to the BBC report, the city of Karbala is considered the holiest place for Shia Muslims. This city is located 88 kilometers away from Baghdad. Karbala is the holiest place for Islam after Mecca. There was a battle between Shias and Sunnis in Karbala during 680 AD, which is also known as the Battle of Karbala. The site houses the tomb of Imam Hussain, which is considered a holy shrine for Shia Muslims.

The accident happened in Iran last Friday
According to an AFP report, on August 25, a minibus carrying climbers fell into a pit in Iran. A total of 10 people had died in this accident. According to Iran’s official news media IRNA, emergency service spokesman Vahid Shadiniya said that the accident happened on Friday (August 25) near the city of Varazaghan in East Azerbaijan province.

Iran’s traffic system is very bad
According to media reports, Iran’s traffic system is considered very bad all over the world. Every year about 20 thousand people die in road accidents here. Bad driving and poor maintenance of roads are also responsible for this.

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