Indo-China Relation: What if India-China enmity turns into friendship? Know how the world will be completely different

Indo-China Relation: Relations between India and China are turbulent, but have you ever wondered what the world would be like if these two countries come together. Let’s find out the answer.

China is known as such a country, which will shake hands with you with one hand but at the same moment will keep a knife in the other hand to attack you. Hardly anyone knows this better than India. Chinese leaders do not have a good opinion about India’s turbulent politics, infrastructure here. China is not ready to accept India as its equal. However, it seems that the relationship between the two largest countries in Asia is changing. 

Actually, there was a border conflict between India and China in 2020, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. 40 Chinese soldiers also died in this conflict. After this incident, the tension between the two countries increased considerably. If you look at it from this perspective, it seems that there is still tension between the two. But its second point of view says that despite the dispute between the two, the economic relations are getting stronger. In such a situation, the question is arising that what will happen if these two countries become friends?  

How did China become so powerful? 

The journey of India and China begins from the 1950s. At that time, the per capita GDP was almost the same in both the countries, but then China made economic reforms and the result was that after 1990, China became an economic superpower. Big companies were opened and due to the cheap labor present in China, it became a manufacturing hub. Talking about 2023, even though the population of India and China is going to be equal, but China’s economy is three times bigger than that of India. 

How is the China-India military relationship? 

Relations between the two superpowers of Asia have been full of ups and downs for the last six decades. The main reason for this has been the border dispute. First the Sino-Indian war of 1962 and then in 2020, the way the armies of the two countries came face to face in Ladakh, worked to further spoil the relations. This is the reason that once India used to focus more on Pakistan’s border, but now every move of China is being monitored. 

70 thousand additional soldiers have been deployed on the border of China. Apart from this, fighter aircraft and missiles have also been deployed to keep China under control. There is also fear in China’s mind about India, that is why it has also improved its infrastructure near the Indian borders in recent times. Overall, it can be said that the border relations between the two countries have remained tense.

How are India-China economic relations? 

Border is such an issue on which India and China are at loggerheads. But as soon as it comes to economic relations, the situation is completely opposite. India and China trade with each other worth lakhs of crores. Talking about the data of 2020, the trade between the two reached $88 billion. China is one of India’s largest trading partners. 

India is dominated by Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi. Economic relations may have suffered a setback after the border dispute in 2020, but still bilateral trade has increased by 43 percent in 2021 and 8.6 percent last year. India has clamped down on Chinese companies, but now investment is reaching the country through Singapore. India is also dependent on China somewhere for major things like machinery, medicines. 

What if India-China become friends?

Coming together of India and China is as beneficial for both the countries as it is for the world as well. With the coming closer of the two countries, trade and investment will increase between them, which will benefit Indian and Chinese people in the form of employment. Both countries will become economically more powerful. India-China friendship will increase cooperation on local and global issues. Peace can be established in the world by resolving issues like Ukraine, Taiwan as soon as possible. 

The friendship of India and China means that the two powerhouses of Asia will stop fighting each other and focus on their development. In this way peace will come in Asia and there will be prosperity. At the same time, the world will get a stable and multi-polar world, where the power will not be with any one country, but with all.

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