India Good Friend Survey Result: America or Russia, who is India’s best friend? You will be shocked by the answers of the people in the survey results.

India Good Friend Survey Result: At present the country’s position is very strong at the global level. The biggest reason for this is the foreign policy of the Indian government, due to which India’s relations with America and Russia, which are called the 2 super power countries of the world, are very strong.

In a recent survey conducted by India Today, a question was asked that who is India’s best friend globally? America or Russia. The results of the data on this question surprised everyone. On this, 31 percent people voted in favor of Russia, while 26 percent people considered America as India’s best friend.

In the results of India Today Mood of the nation Poll, 5 types of results came out, in which 31 percent people considered Russia as India’s best friend, 26 people answered in favor of America. Whereas 25 per cent people considered both the countries as good friends of India and equal number of 9-9 per cent people answered as no and don’t know or can’t say anything.

India’s relations with America
At present, India’s relations with big countries (America and Russia) in the world are really commendable. Recently, in the last days of June, the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi had visited America, in which he talked on many big issues. He talked to America on the issues of China. Talked about the problem of terrorism. Apart from this, there is talk of new technology transactions.

Two big defense deals were also completed during this visit, in which American company General Electric signed an agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). According to this deal, the Indian Air Force will work to make engines for fighter jets. At the same time, the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) of the Government of India has also approved the deal to buy 31 weaponized MQ-9B drones.

India’s relationship with Russia
If we talk about Russia, India’s relationship with Russia is considered very deep. India and Russia have deep relations for the last 60 years. India’s relations may not have been good in America’s past, but there has not been any gap in relations with Russia so far. For example, India’s nuclear tests in the 70’s were openly supported by the USSR and since the 70’s the Indian defense system’s infrastructure has been supported by Russia.

Even after the breakup of the USSR in the year 1990, Russia gave new dimensions to its relations with India from a new level. Recently, during the Russia-Ukraine war, India kept its stand completely clear and did not allow any bitterness in relations with Russia.

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