Imran Khan: Imran Khan is enjoying desi chicken and mutton in jail, getting VVIP facilities

Imran Khan In Jail:  Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is being served country chicken and mutton cooked in ghee in Attock Jail, Punjab. Along with this, now they are getting VIP facilities. The News International confirmed this in its report on Tuesday. Significantly, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief  has been sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted in the Toshakhana case. 

According to the report, on August 25, Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Bibi urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to pay serious attention to Imran’s deteriorating health. After which, taking the matter seriously, the Supreme Court directed the jail administration to increase the facilities. In such a situation, the jail administration has now informed the Supreme Court that considering the profile and legal status of  Imran Khan, all facilities are being provided in the Attock jail. 

Special attention is being given to security in the jail 

According to the report, this has been revealed in a report submitted by the jail administration to the Attorney General’s office after the apex court sought a report on the current condition of the former prime minister.  The News International quoted the report as saying that Block No. 02 of the Attock Jail is the most secure prison, which has been vacated. All this has been done from the point of view of Imran Khan’s security. 

Highlighting the facilities, the jail administration in its report said that the convicted prisoner (Imran Khan) has been confined in a cell of size 09×11. This closet has been recently painted and cleaned with cleanliness. Along with this, the floor has also been repaired. According to the report, work has also been done in the toilet for the former Prime Minister. The jail administration has told that the toilet has been extended up to 7×4 feet and its wall has been extended up to five feet. Along with this, a new fiber door has also been installed in it. 

Chicken and Mutton being served 

It is noteworthy that according to the information that came out earlier, Imran Khan was provided with a new bed, pillow, mattress, chair and air cooler in the jail.  Along with this, he was also provided with a fan, room for prayers, honey, Quran with English translation, a newspaper, thermos, tissue paper and perfume.

The sentence was pronounced on August 5 

Let us tell you that on August 5, the Pakistan District and Sessions Court convicted Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case and sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment and disqualified him from politics for five years. The PTI chairman was arrested from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore soon after his conviction in the Toshakhana case. According to Geo News report, the court Imran Khan was also fined 100,000 Pakistani rupees (PKR). 

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