G20 Summit 2023 India: Who is the richest leader coming to the G20 summit this time, know

G20 Summit 2023: The G20 summit organized in India has become a topic of discussion around the world this time. More than 40 countries and the heads of those countries are going to attend this conference. This conference is being organized in the country’s capital New Delhi on 9-10 September. In such a situation, we will tell you who is the world’s richest leader participating in the G20 conference. 

It may be noted that leaders of major countries of the world, including heads of states of America, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, are coming to India to participate in this conference being held in Delhi. However, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend this G20. Both are going to be absent from this global conference. 

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on top

Second French President

Joe Biden’s name also in the list 

At the same time, after this the name of US President Joe Biden comes. According to the American magazine Forbes, Biden’s current assets are $ 10 million (Rs 74 crore). But when he assumed the office of the President of America. At that time his assets were around $8 million (Rs 66 crore). In such a situation, now his wealth has increased by two million.   

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