G20 Summit 2023: How much wealth G-20 countries have, know the GDP of each country in one click

G20 Summit 2023 in Delhi: The summit of G20 countries is going to be held in India from 9 to 10 September. All the necessary preparations for this are in their final stages. During this summit, 20 very strong countries of the world will come together to share views on issues like economic, development, health, agriculture, energy, environment, climate change and anti-corruption.

Let us tell you that all the countries included in the G20 are among the most powerful countries in the whole world. In this, the country called the super power of the world includes America, Russia including India and China. You can gauge the power of this group from the fact that one decision of this group affects the whole world.

The countries included in this group have 85 percent of the world’s GDP. Apart from this, if we talk about economic matters, then about 75 percent of the global trade and 2/3 of the world’s population are in the countries included in the G-20 group.

What is the capacity of G20 countries
The decisions taken by all the countries involved in G20 matter a lot. All these members contribute to the betterment of the world. This group has been formed for the purpose that it can sit and discuss once a year on the problems arising in the world and find a proper solution.

The countries included in this group have so much capability that the rest of the world cannot raise any kind of question on their decision. Presently the total population of the world is beyond 800 crores and out of that 533 crores population is included in these 20 countries.

GDP of countries included in G20
According to India Forbes report The GDP of the countries included in the G20 is as follows.

 Countries                Billion Dollars
1 US        26,854 80.03
2 China              19,37413.72
3 Japan           4,41035.39
4 Germany           4,30951.38
5 India            3,7502.6
6  UK             3,15946.31
7 France             2,92444.41
8 Italy            2,17036.81
9 Canada          2,09052.72
10 Brazil            2,0809.67
11 Russia                  2,060
12 South Korea    1,720
13 Australia         1,710
14 Mexico           1,660
15 Indonesia        1,390
16 Saudi Arabia     1,060
17 Turkeys              1,030
18 Argentina           487.2
19 South Africa  419
20 European Union      16808

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