G20 Summit 2023: Biden is not American but originally Irish, how Biden got his surname! Read the complete family tree of the American President

G20 Summit 2023 in Delhi: US President Joe Biden will reach India tomorrow i.e. on 8 September to participate in the G20 summit. The G20 summit in India is being organized in the country’s capital Delhi, which will run from 9 to 10 September. The government is leaving no stone unturned to make this summit a success. Strict arrangements are being made for this.

Joe Biden is one of the biggest personalities of the world. The biggest reason for this is that he is the President of America, which is called the super power of the world. Although very few people would know that he is not completely an American, yes.. His ancestor was related to Ireland. So let’s know about his family history.

Joe Biden’s mother’s wedding
Joe Biden took over as the 46th President of America in the year 2020. He defeated former President Donald Trump. If we look at the family history of Joe Biden, it will be known that his ancestors were of Irish origin. Joe Biden traces his Irish heritage to his mother, Katherine Jean Finnegan’s family.

(Image Source: USA Today)

His mother’s family ie Biden’s maternal grandfather is from Blevits of County Mayo and Finnegans of County Louth, Ireland. Joe Biden’s grandmother Geraldine C. Blewitt married Ambrose Finnegan in 1909. After this his family name became Finnegan. Biden’s mother Catherine Jean Finnegan then married Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. in 1941, after which her surname changed to Biden.

Joe Biden’s great-grandfather came to America
One of Joe Biden’s Irish ancestors, his great-grandfather Patrick Blewitt, went to America in 1850. Here he worked in the mining business in Scranton, Pennsylvania. After this he returned to Ireland again. He gathered the rest of the Blewitt family after his arrival in Ireland and left for America on Christmas Day later that year.

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