G20 Summit 2023: At what time Joe Biden will leave America to participate in G-20, what is the program after reaching India, know here his full schedule

G20 Summit 2023 India: US (US) President Joe Biden will leave for Delhi today i.e. Thursday (September 7) to attend the G20 summit held in India. The White House has given this information, as well as released the complete schedule of his visit. 

As per the schedule released by the White House, the US President will leave the White House on September 7 at 2:15 am IST in a Marine 1 helicopter for Joint Base Andrews. After which Air Force 1 will leave for Germany at 2:35am IST from Joint Base Andrews. 

Joe Biden will reach India on Friday 

On Friday, September 8, Biden will reach Ramstein, Germany for a short time, where his plane will be refueled. After which the US President will leave for India (New Delhi) from Germany. Joe Biden will reach India on Friday itself. Biden’s Air Force 1 will land at Palam’s technical airport around 5 pm on Friday evening. After reaching India, he will participate in a bilateral meeting with PM Modi. After holding a bilateral meeting with PM Modi, Biden will spend the next two days attending sessions at the G20 summit, and will later travel to Vietnam. 

Covid-19 test has come negative 

It is worth mentioning that earlier the White House had informed that President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 test has come negative again on Wednesday and hence there will be no change in his plans for this week’s G20 summit.  He will go on the tour of India as per the schedule. White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told reporters during Wednesday’s daily press conference that there would be no changes to Biden’s scheduled visits to India and Vietnam this week.

The White House has said that President Joe Biden will focus on the important issues at the G-20 summit. They include working for developing countries, making progress on topics such as climate, technology, and reshaping multilateral development banks. 

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