Earth Like Planets: Earth’s ‘twin brother’ found in the Solar System, know how far it is from our Earth

Kuiper Belt Planet: Space agencies around the world are searching every nook and corner of the universe in search of a planet like Earth. But now there has been such a claim about Prithvi’s ‘twin brother’, knowing that you will be surprised. Astronomers of Japan have revealed that an Earth-like planet exists only in our solar system. It is only left to reach this planet. Whoever has heard this, he is surprised. There is also a major reason for this. 

Actually, astronomers have been saying for years that there are nine planets instead of eight in our solar system. Since Pluto was stripped of its planetary status, the number of planets in the solar system has increased to eight. This is the reason that after this claim of Japanese scientists, it has been said whether the ninth planet has really been discovered. The biggest question is, where is this planet present in our solar system. 

The ninth planet in the Kuiper belt

According to the report of Daily Mail, Japanese astronomers say that the new planet is hidden in the Kuiper belt. When Neptune, the last planet of the Solar System, is crossed, the Kuiper Belt begins from there. This belt is round shaped, which surrounds the entire solar system. There are millions of asteroids in the Kuiper belt, in which ice is frozen. The Kuiper Belt is the only fragment left over from the formation of the Solar System.

How far is its ‘twin brother’ from Earth?

Japanese scientists have named the new planet as ‘Kuiper Belt Planet’ (KBP). The Kuiper Belt is located 4.5 billion kilometers away from Earth. Experts say that KBP is three times bigger than the Earth. But the temperature here is so low that it is extremely impossible to maintain life like Earth. Earth comes in the Habitable Zone of the Solar System, that is, the place where life can flourish very easily. 

What did the Japanese scientists say?

Patrick Sophia Lykawaka of Kindai University in Osaka, Japan and the National Astronomical Observatory of Tokyo have done this study. The study has been published in ‘The Astronomical Journal’. In this, scientists have said that we show the possibility of the existence of a planet like Earth. There is every possibility that there may be planets in the Kuiper belt. Such planets have existed since the early days of the Solar System.

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