Climate Change: Devastating floods in eight countries in September, will there be devastation across the world soon due to climate change?

Climate Change: In the month of September, devastating floods have caused huge devastation in many parts of the world. Due to heavy rains, parts of Libya, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Southern China, Hong Kong and South-Western America have been submerged. The condition of some of these countries has become extremely worse due to floods. In such a situation, these disasters have become a cause of concern for meteorologists and climate scientists around the world. 

 On one hand, due to storm Daniel, floods have wreaked havoc in Libya, Greece and Turkey. At the same time, a cyclone has caused devastation in Brazil. Also, due to Typhoon Haikui, a flood like situation has arisen in Hong Kong and China. All these disasters are being linked to climate change.  Meteorologists believe that due to global warming flood situation has arisen all over the world. 

Climate change and floods

Both meteorologists and climate scientists are once again blaming climate change for this. Experts believe that due to climate change there has been a change in the patterns of monsoon.  The temperatures of both land and sea are continuously increasing, due to which the air’s ability to retain moisture for a long time has increased.

Scientists say that with higher temperatures comes more evaporation, which means the warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture. Experts believe that for every 1 degree Celsius increase in average temperature, the atmosphere can hold about 7% more moisture. This makes storms more dangerous. This increases the intensity and duration of rainfall, which can ultimately lead to severe flooding. 

A recent study published by the journal Nature showed that since 2002, heavy rainfall has been strongly correlated with rising temperatures. It also says that with rising temperatures, the planet has become both dry and wet at the same time. In such a situation, hot air can draw moisture from the soil, due to which there is drought in that area. On the other hand, hot  The air can hold more moisture, causing more rain in wet areas. And flood situation may arise.

Sea level is rising rapidly 

 According to a report in Grist magazine, higher global temperatures are resulting in the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, leading to a rise in sea levels, increasing the risk of flooding in coastal areas. According to a 2022 report from NOAA Climate, global mean sea level has risen by about 21-24 centimeters since 1880. 

Devastating flood has occurred in Libya 

It is noteworthy that due to the devastating floods in Libya in September itself, more than 10,000 people have died so far. The city of Derna in eastern Libya is the most affected by the disaster. Where the work of searching thousands of people is still going on. At the same time, in the first week of September, the flood caused by the cyclone in southern Brazil has caused great devastation. At least 31 people died and 2300 people were rendered homeless in the flood. 

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