China Taiwan War: China became aggressive, sent about 80 fighter aircraft and warships towards Taiwan in 48 hours

China Taiwan Tension: China is continuously adopting an aggressive stand against Taiwan. The proofs of which have been seen from time to time. In this sequence, China has sent a large group of its naval ships, fighter aircraft and war planes towards Taiwan in the last two days. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense gave this information on Wednesday (July 11). 

According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, the China People’s Liberation Army has sent 38 warplanes and 9 naval ships around Taiwan between 6 am on Tuesday and 6 am on Wednesday. He told that from Wednesday morning to afternoon, the army sent 30 other aircraft, including J-10 and J-16 fighter jets. 

Big event happening in Taiwan 

Not only this, China has expanded its secret naval base in Hainan province on a large scale so that giant warships can be stationed there. Notably, Taiwan will hold the annual Han Guang exercise later this month, in which its military will conduct maneuvers to deter an invasion.

In addition, Taiwan will also hold the annual Wan’an exercise, which aims to prepare citizens for natural disasters and practice evacuation in the event of an air raid. Seeing these preparations of Taiwan, China is in some way agitated, the glimpse of which can be clearly seen. 

There is a dispute over this 

Significantly, China continuously claims Taiwan to be its territory. While Taiwan claims to be self-governing. In recent years, the proximity of America and Taiwan has increased, which China is not liking at all. In such a situation, Dragon has clearly threatened Taiwan many times. 

Let us tell you that in August last year, China was infuriated by American speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Then China was so shaken that it has announced to end relations with America in many areas. Along with this, 66 fighter jets and 13 warships of China showed their attitude by crossing the middle line. 

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