China-Taiwan Conflict: Can China wage war against Taiwan? Know what experts say

China-Taiwan Conflict: There is tension between the two countries of Asia. These two countries are China and Taiwan. In the recent months, both the countries have made verbal attacks on each other. Taking a step ahead, China has tried its best to provoke Taiwan by demonstrating fighter jets on Taiwan’s air border. However, what could be those factors, due to which war can break out between the two countries. Let’s understand from the eyes of experts.

According to the Council of Foreign Relations report, Taiwan which is officially known as the Republic of China (ROC). Taiwan was separated from China in the year 1949 with the help of a strait treaty. China views Taiwan as a rebel province. For this, China wants to take possession of Taiwan again. However, at present Taiwan is a democratic country. There is a democratically elected government. Its population is around 2 crore 35 lakhs.

Cross-strait tension increased after the year 2016
Let us tell you that after the year 2016, the past relations between Taiwan and China weakened. The reason behind this is that  after the election of Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016, cross-strait tension increased. Tsai has refused to accept the formula that her predecessor Ma Ying-jeou supported to allow for increased cross-strait ties.

Meanwhile Beijing has taken increasingly aggressive action. He blew up a fighter jet near Taiwan. Some experts say that if China attacks Taiwan, it may have to fight with America as well.

China’s growing military capabilities
According to American experts, China’s growing military capabilities, decline in cross-strait relations, can give rise to conflict. Such a conflict is likely to lead to a US-China confrontation. This is because China has not ruled out using force to annex Taiwan. In this situation, if China attacks Taiwan, America will also come forward to defend Taiwan.

The US Department of Defense has mentioned in a 2021 report that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China is preparing to take over Taiwan by force. In this regard, Chinese President Xi Jinping has emphasized in the year 2019 that it is his dream to re-incorporate Taiwan into China.

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