China-Pakistan: Are China and Pakistan preparing for two front war together against India? Questions raised after aerial maneuvers

China-Pakistan Air Force Exercise: China and Pakistan have jointly started Air Force Exercise. This information was given by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Tuesday (September 5). This joint annual air exercise is named Shaheen-X.

This joint exercise has started in Jiuquan and Yinchuan cities located in the northwest of China. The main fighter aircraft, J-10C and JF-17 have been included in this exercise, in which the army along with the air force is also participating.

Let us tell you that maneuvers are started between China and Pakistan only when they think about preparing for some kind of front war. It is also well known that Pakistan and China consider only one country as their enemy and it is none other than India. They are often seen doing military exercises on the border areas of India. The borders of both the countries also meet with India, on which tense situation often prevails.

Shaheen joint exercise since 2011 
The Chinese and Pakistani air forces have been conducting the Shaheen joint exercise since 2011, which is hosted by both China and Pakistan on an alternate basis. The aim of the exercise is to enhance air combat practices, operational readiness and synergy between the strategic and time-tested allies in the region.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) said in a statement, "The exercise is meant to enhance the capability of practical combat training for the participating skilled pilots and gallant personnel."

Helpful in understanding Modern War Technique
Pakistan Air Force said in its statement that we will include features like hybrid war, cyberspace and computing in this Air Force exercise. This will lead to development according to Modern War Technique, which will increase the effectiveness of the Air Force. The name of this 10th joint air exercise has been started on the lines of Iron-Brothers country.

Both countries believe that with the help of such an exercise,  their ability to protect air borders will be further strengthened. Apart from this, it will help in developing a comprehensive defense strategy. This marks the beginning of a remarkable effort to strengthen the bond of harmony and unity between the two countries.

Trishul maneuvers of the Indian Air Force
The Indian Air Force has also started a war exercise on the China-Pakistan border from 4 September, which has been named Trishul. It will run till 14 September. Fighter jets, war head helicopters, mid-air refueling planes and other types of powerful air weapons have been included in the Trishul maneuvers. Light interceptors including the Chinook and Apache are involved in this exercise.

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