China: Learn China’s new mission, for which it dug a 10,000 meter deep pit for the second time in a year

China: China is often in the news for its new use. Once again Dragon is doing something that the whole world is eyeing. In fact, this time China has started digging a 10,000 meter pit in the ground in search of extremely deep reserves of natural gas. China has done this for the second time this year. Government news agency Xinhua has given this information. 

According to the agency’s report, China National Petroleum Corporation on Thursday started drilling the Shendi Chuan 1 well in Sichuan province, which has a design depth of 10,520 meters (6.5 miles). Earlier, on May 30, China started excavation work in Xinjiang province. Which at that time was described as the deepest well ever drilled in China. According to Xinhua report, this time China is trying to find ultra-deep reserves of natural gas by drilling. 

Sichuan has oil reserves

China’s Sichuan province is known for its spicy food, spectacular mountain scenery and pandas. This is the largest area of ​​oil reserves in China. It is also home to some of the largest shale gas reserves in China. However, due to the difficult mountainous terrain, the Chinese fast companies have not been able to get the same success from here, for which they are constantly striving. 

The purpose of obtaining information related to mineral resources 

Chinese scientists say that this excavation can provide important information about many mineral resources and natural disasters. China’s government has in recent years pressured energy companies to increase fuel security by boosting domestic production amid power shortages, geopolitical conflicts and global price volatility.

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