China Gym Collapse: Tragic accident in China, nine people died due to roof collapse of school gym, two people trapped, watch video

China Gym Collapse: Nine people were killed and two others were seriously injured after the roof of a school gym collapsed in Quiquihar city of Heilongjiang province, China. There were 19 people inside the No. 34 Middle School in Longsha district when the roof of the gym, built on an area of ​​about 1,200 square meters, collapsed on Sunday (July 23).

The Municipal Corporation Search and Rescue Headquarters of Quikvihar city told that four people survived in this accident, but 15 people got trapped. Official news agency Xinhua reported on Monday (July 24) that 13 people have been evacuated so far, of whom three were found dead and six others succumbed to their injuries during treatment.

More than 600 people present at the spot
More than 600 persons including firefighter, police and medical team were deployed for the rescue operation at the spot. The rescue operation was carried out using seven sets of heavy machinery and 15 ambulances. Due to the large number of people trapped in the debris  rescue became very difficult.

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Accused in police custody 
Rescue operation is still going on after the accident in Quiquihar city of Heilongjiang province of China. Initial investigation revealed that construction workers building another educational building nearby had illegally placed perlite (a material used in construction work) on the roof of the gym and it had gained weight due to water absorption during rains. The matter is being thoroughly investigated. Xinhua reported that the in-charge of the construction company has been taken into police custody.

The incident has sparked a nationwide debate on the safety of school buildings. This has brought to the fore the importance of regular security tests and maintenance of school infrastructure, especially in areas prone to natural disasters.

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