Canadian woman gets 22 years in jail for sending poisoned letter to Trump

Washington News: A US court has sentenced a Canadian woman to 22 years in prison for sending poisoned letters to former President Donald Trump during his tenure. BBC reports. District Judge Dabney Frederick sentenced 56-year-old Pascale Ferrier to 22 years in prison on Thursday (August 17), according to.

According to the report, after completing the sentence, he will be deported from America. Also, if she ever returns, she will face a lifetime of surveillance. Judge Frederick told Ferrier that his actions were pernicious and harmful to society.

The woman told the judge this thing 
Ferrier, a dual citizen of France and Canada, told the court that she was sorry that her plan had failed. She also said that she sees herself as an activist and not a terrorist. According to the BBC report, the FBI found his fingerprints on a letter written to Trump. In the letter, Ferrier urged Trump to drop out of the presidential race. 

He later admitted that he had made the poison at his Quebec home from ricin—a substance left over from castor beans—and placed it in an envelope with the letter.

Has been arrested before 
Ferrier admitted to sending similar letters to eight Texas law enforcement officers. In 2019, he was detained in the state for nearly 10 weeks for illegally carrying a weapon and driving without a valid license, according to the US Department of Justice. Ferrier was arrested in September 2020 while crossing the border in Buffalo, New York. She was carrying a gun, knife and ammunition. 

In 2014, a Mississippi man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after sending letters containing ricin to then-President Barack Obama and other officials.

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