Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s problems have increased, now questions are being raised about his resignation.

Canada Inflation Crisis: The issue of rising inflation and expensive housing in Canada has further increased the troubles of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A Canadian survey claimed that if elections are held in the country at present, Justin Trudeau will lose the elections. After the survey, PM Trudeau was asked a question regarding his resignation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday rejected talk of resigning from the post.   

According to news agency Reuters, Justin Trudeau said in response to the question, ‘There are still two years left for the elections, I will continue to work as Prime Minister. There is much important work to be done here. I am tireless and enthusiastic when it comes to work.’

Opposition leaders are constantly asking him questions about this. Liberal faction leaders have complained to the Canadian media that the Justin Trudeau government has no plan to overcome inflation. However, Trudeau has admitted that there is an uproar in the country and the people are suffering from inflation. He said, ‘There is an atmosphere of uproar in the entire country. Due to rising inflation we are facing a lot of problems. PM Trudeau said that he has talked about dealing with the country’s problems in Parliament next week.’ 

Did PM Trudeau come to India?

PM Justin Trudeau came to India last week to participate in the G-20 summit. Here he met the Prime Minister

After bilateral talks on the issue of Khalistan and foreign interference, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, "We have had many conversations with PM Modi on both these issues. Canada will always defend freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and freedom of peaceful protest. This is very important for us." 

Did the plane break down while returning from India?

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