Canada Honoring Nazi Row: ‘Criminals should be brought to justice’, Russia angry at Canada for honoring Nazis

Russia On Nazi Row: The uproar over honoring a former Nazi soldier in the Canadian Parliament ‘House of Commons’ is increasing. Now Russia has expressed its displeasure over this incident. The Kremlin said a Ukrainian Nazi honored in the Canadian Parliament last week should be brought to justice. Earlier, Poland has also demanded the extradition of a former Nazi soldier. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Canadian authorities have a duty to bring this criminal to justice or extradite those who want to be brought to justice. It is noteworthy that before this, Speaker of the House Anthony Rota has resigned from his post. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also condemned this incident as shameful. 

Trudeau also had to be criticized 

Trudeau has said it is shameful and intolerable for a former Ukrainian soldier who allegedly fought for the Nazis during World War II to receive a standing ovation during the leader’s visit to Kiev. This kind of incident cannot be acceptable.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was in Canada last week. Where he gave a speech in the Parliament. During this, Yaroslav Hunka, a former soldier who was part of the Second World War, was honored as a Ukrainian hero. During this, all the Canadian MPs stood up and greeted Hunka. 

There was an uproar on this matter 

In fact, after Hunka was honored in the House, it was revealed that he had also served in Hitler’s Nazi army. As soon as this information came to light, an uproar arose. The most criticized was House Speaker Anthony Rota, who, while introducing Hunka, called him ‘Ukrainian hero’ and ‘Canadian hero’. Hunka’s background has come to light at a time when tensions between Canada and India are at their peak due to the murder of terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. 

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