Bangladesh stood in favor of India amid Canada dispute, said – they do not do such things

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Supported India: After India’s spat with Canada, Bangladesh has stood in favor of India. Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that he is proud of India and India never does anything petty. 

He told news agency NNI on the allegations made by Canada against India, "This is very sad. We don’t know much about this so that I can comment on this matter, but we are proud of India, they do not do such things. We have very solid relations with India which are based on values ​​and principles. This is a sad episode and I hope it ends amicably."

#WATCH | On India-Canada row, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh Dr AK Abdul Momen says, " I think it is very sad, I don’t know the details of it so I can’t make any comment but…we are very proud of India because they don’t do immature things, we have a very solid relationship…

— ANI (@ANI) September 23, 2023

Canadian leader also scolded

Liberal Party leader and MP Chandra Arya also criticized Trudeau. He asked whether a white supremacist attacking a group of ethnic Canadians would have survived? But Khalistani leader survives in Canada. 

Chandra Arya said through a video, a large section of Sikhs in Canada does not support the Khalistan movement. Most Canadian Sikhs may not publicly criticize the Khalistan movement for a number of reasons, but they "through family ties and shared social and cultural ties" Canadians are deeply connected with the Hindu community. 

American official took India’s side

Former Pentagon (headquarters of the US Defense Department) official Michael Rubin asked Canada why Canada was supporting someone whose hands were stained with blood (Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar). Michael Rubin said that if America has to choose between Canada and India, then America will definitely choose the other (India). 

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