Australia: A worm found in snakes was crawling alive in the woman’s brain, doctors were shocked, such an incident happened for the first time in the world

Australia: A shocking case has come to light from Australia, where a live worm has been found inside a woman’s brain. This is being told as the first case of such infection in humans. Doctors are also perplexed about this matter. 

The Guardian reported that a 64-year-old woman from south-eastern New South Wales had abdominal pain and diarrhoea, a persistent dry cough, fever and night sweats for three weeks. After this, at the end of January 2021, he was admitted to the local hospital. In 2022, the woman also started showing symptoms of depression and amnesia, due to which she was referred to Canberra Hospital. Doctors did an MRI scan of the woman’s brain. In which this surprising case came to the fore. According to the report, even the doctor treating the woman could not believe seeing the live worm inside the brain. 

As soon as the news spread, there was a stir in the hospital 

Reportedly, it was a fairly normal day in the ward for infectious disease physician Dr Sanjay Senanayake of Canberra Hospital, but it turned out to be an unusual day when a neurosurgeon colleague called him and told him things. In fact, a neurosurgeon colleague told Sanjay Senanayake over the phone that you would not believe what I found in the woman’s brain. The neurosurgeon colleague further informed that live worm was found inside the brain. 

Such was the worm found inside the brain 

As per reports, neurosurgeon, Dr. Hari Priya Bandi told about the live worm found inside the woman’s brain that it was a 3 inch long, bright red colored, parasitic roundworm. It was crawling in the mind of the woman. According to the report, the neurosurgeon said that its discovery is also surprising because it is not found in humans, but is usually found in snakes. 

Neurosurgeon, Dr. Hari Priya Bandi called Senanayake and other hospital colleagues because she wanted advice on what to do. Senanayake further told that it was difficult for all of us to believe this news although all this was happening in front of our eyes. He said Canberra is a small place, so we sent the live worms straight to the lab of a CSIRO scientist who is very experienced with parasites. After which it was confirmed in the laboratory that it is Ophidascaris robertsii. 

This worm is found in snakes 

Doctors are still trying to solve the mystery as to how the worm found in snakes reached the woman’s body. However, some doctors believe that eggs of worms may have come on some food item like  spinach, which the woman may have eaten. The woman used to grow spinach for food, so it is believed that the worm’s egg was present on it.

According to the report, the woman’s condition is stable, said Karina Kennedy, director of clinical microbiology at Canberra Hospital and associate professor at the ANU Medical School. 

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