Argentina Presidential Election: Why are people worried about ‘Donald Trump’ becoming the new President of Argentina? Know what is the matter

After the recent general elections in Argentina, the country’s famous economist and Argentina’s ‘Donald Trump’, Javier Milla, will be the next President. Presidential elections were held in Argentina on 19 November. Milai got 56 percent votes in this election. Argentina has been a country influenced by the socialism of Latin America, but with Milli coming to power, there is a possibility of drastic changes in the country’s politics.

Election promise of Xavier Millai

Argentina’s ‘Donald Trump’ had promised before the elections that he would limit the expenditure of the country’s treasury. With this he promised that he would abolish Argentina’s local currency and also close down the central banks. He has said that he will replace Argentina’s currency ‘Peso’ with ‘Dollar’. Milai’s critics see his promise as against welfare schemes. 

Who is Xavier Mieli?

Milai has always talked about ‘financial discipline’, till a few years ago he used to express his opinions as a financial expert on Argentinian TV channels. He has been continuously targeting political parties for economic reforms. But apart from economic policies, Millai holds extreme ‘right wing’ views on social issues. 

Newly elected Xavier Millai has always been against feminism and abortion. He is known as a staunch critic regarding this issue. A few years ago, abortion was brought under the ambit of law in Argentina and women were given the freedom to have an abortion. But Millay had said during his election campaign that as soon as he becomes president, he will hold a referendum to repeal the right to abortion. 

Xavier Millai was elected as MP for the first time in the year 2021 from his party Libertad Avanza. As soon as Millai had announced to contest the presidential elections, the newspapers of the country published news about him with the headline ‘Anarcho Capitalist’.

Why is he called Trump of Argentina?

Critics of Xavier Millai claim that he thinks like former US President Donald Trump. They use his political style for their election campaigns and both the leaders are ‘far right’. For example, in many of Millai’s election campaigns, his supporters have been seen wearing ‘Make Argentina Great Again’ caps, just as in America, Trump used slogans like Make America Great Again. Milai also publicly Said that he is a fan of Donald Trump. 

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