American Dream Ending: Americans are not liking their country, why people are leaving US? know the reason

American Dream: There was a time when there was a lot of discussion about ‘American Dream’ all over the world. People from different parts of the world reached America, so that they could earn their livelihood. The American Dream used to say that everyone would get equal opportunities to move forward. However, it looks like the American Dream is over. The biggest reason for this is the American citizens themselves, who are leaving their country and heading towards Europe. 

According to the report of CNN, many families from different states of America have bought properties in European countries. These families are leaving their country and slowly shifting to European countries. It has been told in the report that everyone has different reasons for leaving America. Some have decided to leave the country because of the changing political situation in the country, while some do not want to live in America because of the increasing apartheid. 

Where are Americans going in Europe? 

The report mentions a family from North Carolina, who is now living in Italy. Dalip and Amber Tibb have bought a house in Umbria and opened a restaurant there. Umbria is present near Rome. This American couple told that they wanted to live near Rome airport, so that it would be easy to come and go from here. The couple have bought a three-bedroom penthouse apartment in Umbria. 

People from Texas are also reaching Italy. The Dawkins family of Texas has bought a house in the city of Latronico. Nadine Dawkins is a retired military and businesswoman. His family’s roots are linked to Italy, as his great-grandfather was from here. Nadine’s family decided to leave the country after the murder of George Floyd. Nadine says it shows how black people are treated in America. 

An American man from Pennsylvania has also decided to settle in Portugal. He has bought a dilapidated farmhouse in Portugal and is now living there permanently. This man named Alan Andrew is living with his family at Figuera e Barros. The construction work is going on in the farmhouse and now it is almost made livable. The house also has five bedrooms and a swimming pool. 

What are the main reasons for leaving America? 

It is not that the Americans have decided to leave the country immediately. There have been some major reasons for the people of America to leave their country for a long time. This includes everything from gun culture to healthcare and apartheid. Let us know about all these reasons. 

  • Gun culture: Every day in America there is a shooting incident somewhere. Because of this, questions have arisen in the minds of the people regarding security. Weapons are easily bought in America. We see its loss in the form of mass shootings. 
  • Healthcare system: In many countries of Europe, healthcare is either available at very low cost Or is it completely free. On the contrary, without taking health insurance in America, you cannot work. Many times people become poor while getting treatment in hospitals. 
  • Work Life Balance: There was a time when there was a lot of talk about work life balance in America. . But after the Kovid epidemic, the situation has changed. Inflation has also increased, due to which people have to do multiple jobs simultaneously to meet their needs. 
  • Political instability: Political instability in America has also become a big issue. In the last US election, the world saw how Donald Trump instigated riots in America. Due to all these reasons, there is a danger of destabilization of the country in the minds of the people. 
  • Apartheid: It is not hidden from anyone that in America still Apartheid exists. It is said that many black people were murdered only because of their colour. Campaigns are also being run on this, but till now there has not been complete success. 

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