America Iran Relation: Amidst tension, Iran and America exchanged 5 prisoners, Biden had to pay a ‘big price’ for this

Iran and America Swap 5 Prisoners: Amidst the long-running tension between Iran and America, Iran on Monday released five American prisoners from Tehran jail. In return, America restored approximately $5.9 billion of Iran’s seized funds. Iran had earned this amount by selling oil to South Korea. Apart from this, America also released five prisoners from Iran.

After the agreement between the two countries, the prisoners released from Tehran reached Qatar and then flew to America. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kannani was the first to agree that the prisoner exchange would take place on Monday. He told that the cash demanded in exchange from America, which was with South Korea, is now in Qatar."text-align: justify;">Names of released prisoners

Out of the five prisoners released by America, two Iranian prisoners will remain in America. The details of the five prisoners released by Iran have also been released. According to the report of CBS News, the names of the released prisoners are as follows…

  • Siamak Namazi was detained in 2015 and later sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of espionage.
  • Imad Shagi, a businessman by profession, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Iranian-born Morad Tahbaz, a British-American conservationist, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after his arrest in 2018.
  • The other two prisoners, a male and a female Is a woman. Both of them had requested not to make their identity public.

US President Biden expressed happiness

US President Joe Biden issued a press release regarding the prisoners released from Iran. In this he expressed happiness and said, ‘Five innocent Americans imprisoned in Iran are finally returning home.’ After the plane stopped, US Ambassador to Qatar Timmy Davis welcomed him.

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