Afghanistan Farmers: Due to drought in Afghanistan, the condition of cattle herders is bad, know what challenges they are facing

Afghanistan Bamyan Farmers: Due to the drought in Afghanistan, farmers are complaining about the lack of fodder. Because of this it has become very difficult for the people there to feed the animals. 

According to TOLO News, livestock farmers in Afghanistan said on Sunday (July 16) that due to drought in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province, animal fodder has decreased. The scarcity of fodder has made it very difficult to feed the animals. 

Reduction in income of cattle rearers
Expressing the challenges faced by the animals on daily basis, the cattle rearers said, "Lack of fodder is not the only problem, but due to various types of diseases occurring in animals, livestock rearing has also been badly affected, due to which their income has reduced a lot." 

People have to sell their animals
The livestock herders of Bamiyan have claimed that livestock rearing was their means of livelihood, but now it is not possible for them to raise animals due to lack of fodder Used to be. According to animal husbandry Mohammad Aleem, drought and frequent breeding of pests have created challenges for the people, due to which the number of animals is decreasing every year. 

Another cattle herder Mohammad Baqir said, 80 percent of people sold their animals due to disease and drought, as the situation worsened in his province due to lack of fodder. 
Bamyan’s What do cattle herders have to say?
According to Tolonews, one of the cattle herders in Bamyan, Mohammad Kazem, claimed that while he used to keep around 60 sheep at one point of time, he now owns only 10 sheep. Are able to manage fodder. Mohammad Kazem said, "Drought has affected me so much that I was rearing 50 or 60 sheep at a time and it was very easy for me. Now I am keeping only 10 sheep due to drought and our kids are  looking after them.

He further said, "Due to drought, I have been forced to water the sheep. The human rights organization has provided relief and necessary services to provide basic facilities to their families in view of the condition of the poor people living in Afghanistan. 

The condition of the people in Afghanistan is bad
Let us tell you that with the passage of time the condition of the people in Afghanistan is getting worse. People are facing shortage of food and also facing a lot of problems and challenges to live. With this, the condition of women in Afghanistan has worsened.

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