Will Navjot Singh Sidhu return to Punjab cabinet? Said this by tweeting

Punjab: There is still doubt about the return of Congress party firebrand leader Navjot Singh Sidhu to the Punjab cabinet. At the same time, Navjot Singh is tweeting daily about his heart and trying to say something in gestures.

Navjot Singh Sidhu’s tweet

He made a tweet again today and wrote, ‘Smoke of our rumors arises from where our name gets set on fire.’ According to the news that is being cited by the sources, Navjot Singh Sidhu may be bang in the Punjab cabinet.

There may be a major reshuffle before elections

According to information received from sources, there may be some major changes in the Punjab government before the assembly elections. It is also being said that Navjot Singh Sidhu can be given an important position to keep him connected with the party and this important post can be of the Deputy Chief Minister.

2 big departments to give responsibility

Along with this, the matter of giving responsibility of 2 big departments to Sidhu is also coming out. But the way Navjot Singh Sidhu is constantly tweeting and trying to say something in gestures, it is clear that Sidhu is not getting along well with the top leaders of Punjab Congress.

Congress in favor of Delhi high command Sidhu

However, the Congress is in favor of Delhi high command Sidhu and he does not want to let Navjot Singh Sidhu separate from the Congress in any way. Now it will be very important to see what gift the party gives to Sidhu with the party before the upcoming assembly elections.


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