Why does the throat dry in the middle of the night…be careful! Are you in the grip of this disease?

Thirsty Throat : Many times due to dryness in the throat, sleep suddenly opens. No matter how much water you drink and go to sleep, many times you feel very thirsty late at night and your eyes open. Have you ever thought why this happens? Some people take it lightly but it can also be a sign of many diseases. So let us know why excessive thirst causes sleep disturbance and frequent thirst is the symptom of which disease…

Why do you feel thirsty again and again


Lack of water in the body is a sign of dehydration. Due to drinking less water, the amount of water in the body decreases. In such a situation, no matter how much water you drink, the onion does not get extinguished. To avoid dehydration, maximum intake of water, fruit juice and coconut water should be done. The problem of dehydration is more in summer. In this case, maximum liquid should be taken.


When the amount of sugar in the blood increases, the body tries to take out the sugar through urine. For this there is frequent urination. With the help of this, water keeps coming out of the body again and again. Due to which one feels thirsty again and again. Many times in the night when we are in deep sleep, we feel thirsty and sleep is disturbed.

Blood Pressure

When the blood pressure increases, the body sweats profusely. This can cause the problem of dehydration. Then no matter how much water you drink, the thirst is not quenched. If there is a problem of high blood pressure, it should be understood that the lifestyle is getting worse. In such a situation, there is a lack of water in the body due to high blood pressure. Because of this, the eye suddenly opens in the middle of the night and it seems that there is a lot of thirst.
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