Where were the weapons hidden after the murder of Umesh Pal? Atiq opened the secret in front of the police

Umesh Pal Murder: UP Police has got important information in Umesh Pal murder case. According to sources, Atiq and Ashraf have told during interrogation that where the weapons were hidden after the massacre. At present, there is no preparation of the police to take Atiq to Punjab. 

ATS also activated

Along with this, ATS has also become active regarding Atiq. ATS is probing the ISIS and Lashkar-e-Taiba angle. ATS can take Atiq Ahmed on remand if needed during investigation. 

In the Umesh Pal murder case, the police has interrogated Atiq Ahmed for the first round. Dhumanganj police of Prayagraj is making this inquiry. In the first round, questions and answers were asked from Atiq and Ashraf for 7 hours. During this Atiq Ahmed cried many times. If sources are to be believed, he is broken after the son’s encounter. Police in an encounter in Jhansi on Thursday Ateeq Ahmed’s son was killed.

Police put evidence in front of Atiq

During interrogation, the evidence was placed in front of Atiq and Ashraf, which proves that they are the masterminds of the murder. The police also showed the statement of Sadaqat. He told that Atiq is the mastermind of Umesh Pal’s murder

Further planning of the massacre was done in Sadaqat’s room in the Muslim boarding hostel of Allahabad University. After being named in the murder case, the police raided the hostel and vacated it.

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